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Babsi Recruitment Solutions has merged to M&C Recruitment a young and energetic human capital offering recruitment services across all industries
with a diverse mix of candidate skills We offer a personalized interaction with our clients and candidates, enabling us to understand their needs and offer “perfect fit” solutions. We make use of in-house and/or outsourced expertise in the execution of all recruitment projects. Our unique daily feedback on progress in our projects ensures an unparalleled level of dependability in the business.Our customer focused results driven approach is underpinned by our strong emphasis on quality results.
We have a team of conference management and training services specialist with depth of experience unrivalled in the industry. We provide large scale events and training services aimed at a  wide range of executive and entrepreneurial markets.
Our products feature expects in:
1. Administration
2. Arts, Culture, TV and Film
3. Education
4. Customer Service
5. Couching and Mentoring (This focuses on how to better coach your employees to higher performance)
6. Project Management
7. Oceans Business
8. Tourism

Small Business Development Training

Small Business training provides hands-on management and leadership training to provide over 30 years of small and  big business training and experience to entrepreneurs wanting to start small businesses.

  • Apply basic communication skills in new business creation context: this includes presentation skills; business writing and report writing and business proposals
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the sector/industry in which the business operates: research
  • Determine financial requirements and manage financial aspects of a new venture: finance for non-financial managers;
  • Prepare and process documents for financial and banking processes;
  • Manage finances including the country's financial requirements (for e.g. SARS and VAT returns) for a new venture
  • Determine market requirements and prepare a need's analysis
  • Manage the relevant marketing and selling processes - including advertising
  • Manage business operations
  • Apply basic skills of customer service
  • Apply health and safety to a work area
  • Produce a business plan for a new venture